Eddie Hermida Interview

Words and Interview By Doug Terry

The piercing shrieks, bowel-rattling death growls, and an intimidatingly cohesive marriage of riffs and double kicking fury are all weapons in the Suicide Silence arsenal that are re-employed on You Can’t Stop Me. The band’s first musical efforts since the tragic and unexpected loss of frontman Mitch Lucker in 2012 is an album of pain, honesty and confrontation. Featuring tributes to Lucker, and the final lyrics penned by Mitch, this is an album for early-era SS fans, All Shall Perish fans, and those who have never listened to either group. Eddie and I spoke about the challenges of taking up the mantle of a lost friend, balancing the intensity of establishing a new vocalist with the sorrow of having lost a good mate (All Shall Perish toured with Suicide Silence as far back as 2006 in their pre-“cleansing” days) and how the band convinced him to make his live debut at Soundwave. It’s all here and it deserves your attention.”


Courtney Love Australian Tour

Courtney Love is Back!

Courtney Love has left an indelible lipstick-smeared mark on her generation, once described by Rolling Stone as the most controversial woman in the history of rock, Love’s artistic career has weathered deep human tragedy, fluctuating public opinion and battles with personal demons that would threaten to swallow a lesser artist whole.  Through sheer will, ambition and a deep inner strength this iconic rock identity continues to forge a career that remains as relevant, vital and unpredictable as ever.  This August, Courtney Love returns to give faithful Australian fans a chance to re-engage and reunite with one of the most recognisable, outspoken and uncompromising female artists of her time.  

Born in San Francisco in 1964, Courtney Love spent her formative years living in both in the US and New Zealand before heading to the UK in her late teens then settling back in the states before embarking on a musical career in the early 1980’s. Stints with the bands Sugar Babydoll, an early incarnation of Faith No More and Babes in Toyland took her through to the late 1980’s before she put together Hole with guitarist Eric Erlandson, Lisa Roberts on bass, and drummer Caroline Rue. It was with Hole that Love found both artistic and commercial success delivering the acclaimed albums Pretty On The Inside, Live Through This and the commercial triumph that was 1998’s Celebrity Skin.  


After the demise of Hole in 2001, Love regrouped and set about working on what was to become her first solo album, America’s Sweetheart which was released in 2004.  The album, though made under difficult circumstances, was received largely favorably by critics and fans and once again featured the honest and emotional fragility of her earlier work. Love’s next release took some time to appear, after sessions for what was to be her second solo release How Dirty Girls Get Clean were abandoned.  Much to the delight of fans the world over, material from these sessions, and a reunion under the name Hole saw delivery of the album Nobody’s Daughter in 2010.  Most recently Love released the double A-side power pop punk single ‘You Know My Name/Wedding Day’ (cobalt music label) to celebrate the launch of her recent UK tour; the tour in question was acclaimed by the Telegraph as “potty mouthed and captivating” **** and by the Guardian “she leaves us begging for more” ****

Never far from the public eye, Love has maintained a presence in the social media generation, and along with her acting work and ever increasing interest in the world of fashion, continues to break the mould of what is expected from today’s rock ‘n’ roll icon.    

You Know My Name

Courtney Love


















Live Review – Skid Row and Ugly Kid Joe Hi Fi Sydney

Reviewed By Aaron

It’s tough to write reviews about bands that have such a special place in your musical development as these two headline bands. Both Ugly Kid Joe and Skid Row come from a bygone era of rock that holds nothing but wonderful memories for those that experienced the metaphoric and literal highs of the late 80s and early 90s. They both contributed some classic rock albums that have stood the test of time and still resonate with audiences both old and new.  The Hi FI in Sydney was the venue for a night of reflection and rock.

First up on stage were our very own “Dead City Ruins’ and they did not disappoint. They ran through a set of fiery rock tracks that had me in search of their latest album “Midnight Killer”. It’s an amazing achievement for a band that has worked so hard plying their trade in every nook and cranny in Europe and it seems like finally they are getting the attention they deserve. Watch this space.


Jake Wiffen – Dead City Ruins


Johnny Solinger – Skid Row

Ugly Kid Joe Hi fi

Whit Crane – Ugly Kid Joe

Closure In Moscow Announce Tour

Closure In Moscow (CIM) are pleased to announce the release date for their sophomore full length ‘Pink Lemonade’ and the Pink Lemonade album tour. The album will be released independently through MGM on May 9th. It’s been a while between drinks, so those boffins at CIM HQ ran focus groups day and night to hone in on exactly what would satiate the hungry masses, baying for more sexy tunes from the Melbourne quintet… The results are conclusive! Turns out it’s all about quantity over quality, so this thing clocks in at over 60 minutes! That’s longer than an episode of The Block, and since that’s about to leave a gaping cultural void the guys figured it would be the perfect time to step up and slide up into that void like a warm kitten.

‘Pink Lemonade’ was produced by Tom Larkin and CIM in various dens of aural inequity around Melbourne, mixed by one of Melbourne’s brightest, rising stars in the audio world, Andrei Eremin and mastered by Howie Weinberg. CIM funded the entire effort by offering some spiffy fan pre-order packs. You could snag everything from a lizard costume, soaked in singer Christopher’s sensual sweat, to a Cadillac, ah yep… A goddamn CADILLAC. Some of the remaining items are still available here:  http://closureinmoscow.bigcartel.com


Pink Lemonade was designed to be a voyage that is greater than the sum of it’s parts. It is the tale of a hapless fool’s descent down the rabbit hole and through the Chapel Perilous… Smashing through the 4th wall with a novelty hulk fist, it is a fable laced with subversive sludge that will seep into your minds eye and stir your soul like a rich pumpkin soup.

The recorded component of Pink Lemonade is only half the fun… Don’t miss your opportunity to catch up close, the tentacled mass that is the Closure In Moscow live show, where you get to be the innocent hentai babe, and it’s a one way ticket on the bullet train to pleasure town… New tunes will be played, faces will be melted, engagement rings will be smelted out of all the used guitar strings and the guys will be betrothed to all that attend. United forever by the power of music, praise be! All the Australian tour dates are presented below:


Friday, May 9, 2014
W/ Special Guests
Tickets: http://closureinmoscow.oztix.com.au
Oztix Phonecharge: 1300 762 545
Saturday, May 10, 2014
W/ Special Guests
Tickets: http://closureinmoscow.oztix.com.au
Oztix Phonecharge: 1300 762 545
Friday, May 16, 2014
W/ Special Guests
Tickets: http://closureinmoscow.oztix.com.au
Oztix Phonecharge: 1300 762 545
Saturday, May 17, 2014
W/ Special Guests
Tickets: http://closureinmoscow.oztix.com.au
Oztix Phonecharge: 1300 762 545
Thursday, May 22, 2014
W/ Special Guests
Tickets: http://closureinmoscow.oztix.com.au
Oztix Phonecharge: 1300 762 545
Friday, May 23, 2014
W/ Special Guests
Tickets: http://closureinmoscow.oztix.com.au
Oztix Phonecharge: 1300 762 545
Saturday, May 24, 2014
W/ Special Guests
Tickets: http://closureinmoscow.oztix.com.au
Oztix Phonecharge: 1300 762 545
Wednesday, May 28, 2014
W/ Special Guests
Free Entry
Thursday, May 29, 2014
W/ Special Guests
Tickets: Door sales only.
Friday, May 30, 2014
W/ Special Guests
Tickets: http://closureinmoscow.oztix.com.au
Oztix Phonecharge: 1300 762 545
Saturday, May 31, 2014
W/ Special Guests
Tickets: http://closureinmoscow.oztix.com.au
Oztix Phonecharge: 1300 762 545

Alice Cooper New DVD Release Date

From Banger Films, the creators of “Iron Maiden: Flight 666” and “Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage,” comes “Super Duper Alice Cooper” the story of Vincent Furnier, the preacher’s son who struck fear into the hearts of parents everywhere as Alice Cooper, the most outrageous rock star of his generation. This unique “doc opera,” a dizzying blend of documentary archive footage, animation and rock opera goes from the early days of Alice as the frontman for a cutting edge rock band in the sixties through the hazy decadence of global celebrity in the seventies and on to his winking comeback as the glam metal godfather in the eighties.

This is the tale of Alice and Vincent battling for each other’s souls. “Super Duper Alice Cooper” combines audio interviews with a wealth of archive Alice Cooper footage covering concerts, TV appearances, movie cameos, dramatic headlines and magazine spreads. All the highlights of his career are covered aided by contributions from some of the biggest music icons of all time including Iggy Pop, Elton John, John Lydon, Bernie Taupin, Dee Snider and of course Alice Cooper himself. This is the definitive, extraordinary story of the man and the myth that is uniquely Alice Cooper.

1) Be My Lover   2) You Drive Me Nervous   3) I’m Eighteen   4) Is It My Body   5) Dead Babies   6) Killer   7) Long Way To Go   8) School’s Out   9) Under My Wheels

1) It’s Hot Tonight   2) No More Mister Nice Guy   3) I’m Eighteen   4) Feed My Frankenstein   5) Acoustic Solo   6) (In Touch With) Your Feminine Side   7) Dirty Diamonds   8) Vengeance Is Mine   9) Halo Files   10) Welcome To My Nightmare   11) Only Women Bleed   12) Steven   13) Dead Babies   14) Ballad Of Dwight Fry   15) Devil’s Food / Killer / I Love The Dead   16) School’s Out   17) Billion Dollar Babies

Check out the trailer below.

Fozzy Release Lyric Video for “Lights Go Out”

The latest single from “Fozzy” is out now and shows a new edgier, darker side of the band.”‘LIGHTS GO OUT’ represents a brand new colour in the FOZZY spectrum,” says CHRIS JERICHO of the new single. “Dark, sexy, sleek, dirty, heavy and catchy as f*ck, this song turns a whole new page in hard rock history – it doesn’t matter if you dance to it in a club or mosh to it in a pit, ‘’LIGHTS GO OUT’’ will make you move!”

Fozzy Lights go out released

In our opinion it sounds like Rob Zombie, Chris Jericho and Ozzy had a late night bender and they woke up the morning after with this beastly number.  Obviously Ozzy and Rob Zombie have not contributed to this track but the influence of both these legends are on offer for all to hear. It’s a colossal incorporation of sounds that has it’s own unique Fozzy twist and it’s not what you think. Put your early judgements aside and have a listen to the below video and make your own call. We love it, some will hate it, regardless this will be a defining song for “Fozzy”.

Jericho, along with guitarists Rich Ward and Billy Grey, Bassist Paul DiLeo and drummer Frank Fontsere have turned a new leaf on this machine and the new album slated for release in July is on our radar.




Steel Panther Album Review All You Can Eat

Our friend Gustav, is back again from The Headbanging Moose with a guest review. This time he has a listen to the latest Steel Panther offering.

Review By – The Headbanging Moose

After three long years waiting for more profanity, boobs, pussy and especially good heavy music, American Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band Steel Panther is finally back with their third full-length album, the good All You Can Eat. And that’s the main issue with this album: it’s only good, not awesome, and very few songs are truly exciting or memorable.

Of course we were not expecting anything so fuckin’ awesome such as the classics Death To All But Metal, The Shocker, Asian Hooker, Tomorrow Night or Gold-Digging Whore, not even that the whole album was as original as Feel The Steel and Balls Out. However, the “Fanthers” don’t need to get too worried about it, as the Panther’s main characteristics are still there keeping the album at a good level: their talent as musicians continues to be impeccable, especially Michael Starr’s voice, and their lyrics full of profanity and obscenity give the album that special touch that makes us laugh while listening to it in our cars even during a snow storm or a traffic jam. Moreover, another positive thing in the album is the addition of some elements from Blues and Thrash Metal, giving some tracks an extra dose of originality.

And the album starts in a very promising way with the heavy and funny (and undoubtedly one of the best of all tracks) Pussywhipped, with its “epic” intro and amazing riffs and drums, and Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World, the album’s first single with inspiring lyrics (“Have sex (yeah!) / With every female of the species he say / The end is near (yeah!) / So don’t you worry about the HIV”) and a video (see below) that cannot be described with words. Well, if I do so, this website will probably be banned due to censorship.


Then we have the amazing Gloryhole, which is exactly what we want to listen to when the band is Steel Panther: it’s by far the most Hard Rock of all tracks, with Michael Starr at his best, and it’s impossible not to sing along with the lyrics (“I don’t wanna know / Who will suck my cock tonight”). The following two tracks are totally forgettable songs called Bukkake Tears, which is not a bad ballad but at the same time nothing really exciting, and Gangbang at the Old Folks Home, with a chorus so repetitive it’s really hard to listen to the entire song. Fortunately after that torture the Panther redeem themselves with the excellent mix of Hard Rock and Blues from Ten Strikes You’re Out, which not only has the best instrumental of all but also awesome lyrics.

For the Full Review head over to


We will be featuring more from Gustavo over the coming weeks.


Zakk Wylde Interview

After a great week for Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society. Check out interview Monday. Press play below, sit back, listen and enjoy.

Words and Interview by Doug Terry

You don’t interview Zakk Wylde. You sit down and try to take notes while Zakk Wylde imparts wisdom upon you. It’s the only way to describe a chat with the man widely reputed as not only the most technically proficient axe-wielder in modern metal, but also as one of the most widely recognized and well-loved musicians in the metal fraternity who has over the decades, inspired countless people across the globe to pick up the guitar. Thrust into the spotlight at an early age as Ozzy Osbourne’s fledgling guitarist in the late 80s. A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Blockbuster movie appearances. Innumerable world tours – all forged by a career that has brought us to the release of Black Label Society’s 9th studio album, Catacombs of the Black Vatican – an album that stands alone not just in its bone-crunching riffage and soaring emotional highs, but also in its consistency as another chapter in the BLS/Zakk Wylde story. As Zakk says here with Rockersphere, “I still listen to the same records I listened to when I was 14 years old that were magic to me then – they’re still magic to me now.” His reverence for classic rock and timeless albums encapsulates the ideology behind Black Label Society – write what you know and love, be good at it, and do it forever and a day. This isn’t a career helped along by riding the coattails of the latest trends in the scene or propped up by loud gimmicks. Tirelessly, continuously, and fervently behind the curtain of modern metal is where you’ll find Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society, hammering out consistently brilliant heavy metal which at this point in time, has brought us to Catacombs of the Black Vatican. In the name of all that is unholy, listen to this album. Many, many times over. From the big-balled bravado of tracks like Fields of Unforgiveness and Beyond the Down to the raw vulnerability of Shades of Gray and Angel of Mercy, this is a record for the ages. Press play below and enjoy.

It’s out 11th April 2014 via BulletProof Australia


In Hearts Wake National Tour

Byron Bay metal / hardcore outfit In Hearts Wake have announced a national tour to launch their second album, Earthwalker, released May 2 via UNFD. Earthwalker takes the group to unprecedented heights, an early taste of the lead single ‘Divine’ triggered an enthusiastic response from fans and first time listeners after the premiere on BBC Radio 1 The Rock Show and triple j’s The Racket.

Check out the video for first single ‘Divine’ below. The Earthwalker Tour will see In Hearts Wake traverse the country to headline their biggest venues to date with a stellar package of support acts in tow. Direct support will come from Melbourne’s Dream On Dreamer whose splendid sophomore album, Loveless, propelled the band into a massive touring cycle including an Australian arena tour with A Day To Remember, European dates with Silverstein and a recent national stint on this year’s Soundwave Festival. Hailing from Alpine, California, Being As An Ocean encompass a dynamic sound. Equal parts heavy and melodic; it’s clear this group take influence from a wide range of genres. With a new release due in May, expect a solid mix of material on display when they hit our shores.

Sydney’s Endless Heights are a promising young Australian group that lit up the hardcore world with their debut album New Bloom in November of 2013. Rounding out the line up will be melodic hardcore kids Sierra, who recently clocked up national slots supporting the likes of Hundredth and Vanna.

IHW 1 hi res

June 2014
Wednesday 4th June – YMCA HQ, Perth WA (AA) *

Thursday 5th June – Amplifier Bar, Perth WA (18+) *   

Friday 6th June – Fowlers Live, Adelaide SA (Lic/AA)   

Saturday 7th June – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC (18+)   

Sunday 8th June – Arrow on Swanston, Melbourne VIC (AA)       

Wednesday 11th June – Zierholz, Canberra ACT (18+)   

Thursday 12th June – Small Ballroom, Newcastle NSW (18+)   

Friday 13th June – Bald Faced Stag, Sydney NSW (18+)   

Saturday 14th June – Bald Faced Stag, Sydney NSW (AA)

Sunday 15th June – The Tempo Hotel, Brisbane QLD (18+)

*Endless Heights not appearing
Tickets on sale April 11


In Hearts Wake – Earthwalker is out May 2 via UNFD.

The Offspring Celebrate 20th Anniversary of SMASH

20 years ago, The Offspring released their breakout album Smash on Epitaph Records and made history. To celebrate the band will begin playing the album in its entirety on tour in Europe this May, June and early July before finishing with soon to be announced US Smash dates. Visit Offspring.com for the full list of current tour dates and to see which dates are the designated Smash shows. This August, Epitaph will also commemorate the anniversary with a special 20th Anniversary Edition of Smash.

The Offspring’s Dexter Holland and Noodles, as well as Epitaph CEO Brett Gurewitz, recently shared their thoughts in a retrospective just posted to RollingStone.com, read it here: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/the-offsprings-smash-the-little-punk-lp-that-defeated-the-majors-20140408


This package will be in stores in mid-August 2014 from Epitaph Records. The Smash 20th Anniversary Edition will include the following: – LP version containing the original 14 album tracks newly remastered on 180-gram vinyl – CD version containing the original 14 album tracks from the most recent remastering – Restyled album package artwork – Large format 24 page booklet featuring never before seen archive photos by Lisa Johnson – Firsthand recollections and quotes from the band and others telling the story of that historic time.

Smash has sold over six million copies in the United States alone – certified 6x platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, while selling over 600 thousand copies in Australia – certified 8x platinum by ARIA. Selling 11 million copies worldwide, Smash is the best-selling independent label album of all time. The Offspring’s album Smash was an impactful and immediate hit when released in 1994, making a place for the band in an exciting and significant time for alternative music. The album’s first single “Come Out and Play” hit number 1 on Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. The following single, “Self Esteem” peaked at number 4, and “Gotta Get Away” hit number 6 on the Billboard Modern Rock Track Charts.