Zakk Wylde Interview

After a great week for Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society. Check out interview Monday. Press play below, sit back, listen and enjoy.

Words and Interview by Doug Terry

You don’t interview Zakk Wylde. You sit down and try to take notes while Zakk Wylde imparts wisdom upon you. It’s the only way to describe a chat with the man widely reputed as not only the most technically proficient axe-wielder in modern metal, but also as one of the most widely recognized and well-loved musicians in the metal fraternity who has over the decades, inspired countless people across the globe to pick up the guitar. Thrust into the spotlight at an early age as Ozzy Osbourne’s fledgling guitarist in the late 80s. A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Blockbuster movie appearances. Innumerable world tours – all forged by a career that has brought us to the release of Black Label Society’s 9th studio album, Catacombs of the Black Vatican – an album that stands alone not just in its bone-crunching riffage and soaring emotional highs, but also in its consistency as another chapter in the BLS/Zakk Wylde story. As Zakk says here with Rockersphere, “I still listen to the same records I listened to when I was 14 years old that were magic to me then – they’re still magic to me now.” His reverence for classic rock and timeless albums encapsulates the ideology behind Black Label Society – write what you know and love, be good at it, and do it forever and a day. This isn’t a career helped along by riding the coattails of the latest trends in the scene or propped up by loud gimmicks. Tirelessly, continuously, and fervently behind the curtain of modern metal is where you’ll find Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society, hammering out consistently brilliant heavy metal which at this point in time, has brought us to Catacombs of the Black Vatican. In the name of all that is unholy, listen to this album. Many, many times over. From the big-balled bravado of tracks like Fields of Unforgiveness and Beyond the Down to the raw vulnerability of Shades of Gray and Angel of Mercy, this is a record for the ages. Press play below and enjoy.

It’s out 11th April 2014 via BulletProof Australia


In Hearts Wake National Tour

Byron Bay metal / hardcore outfit In Hearts Wake have announced a national tour to launch their second album, Earthwalker, released May 2 via UNFD. Earthwalker takes the group to unprecedented heights, an early taste of the lead single ‘Divine’ triggered an enthusiastic response from fans and first time listeners after the premiere on BBC Radio 1 The Rock Show and triple j’s The Racket.

Check out the video for first single ‘Divine’ below. The Earthwalker Tour will see In Hearts Wake traverse the country to headline their biggest venues to date with a stellar package of support acts in tow. Direct support will come from Melbourne’s Dream On Dreamer whose splendid sophomore album, Loveless, propelled the band into a massive touring cycle including an Australian arena tour with A Day To Remember, European dates with Silverstein and a recent national stint on this year’s Soundwave Festival. Hailing from Alpine, California, Being As An Ocean encompass a dynamic sound. Equal parts heavy and melodic; it’s clear this group take influence from a wide range of genres. With a new release due in May, expect a solid mix of material on display when they hit our shores.

Sydney’s Endless Heights are a promising young Australian group that lit up the hardcore world with their debut album New Bloom in November of 2013. Rounding out the line up will be melodic hardcore kids Sierra, who recently clocked up national slots supporting the likes of Hundredth and Vanna.

IHW 1 hi res

June 2014
Wednesday 4th June – YMCA HQ, Perth WA (AA) *

Thursday 5th June – Amplifier Bar, Perth WA (18+) *   

Friday 6th June – Fowlers Live, Adelaide SA (Lic/AA)   

Saturday 7th June – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC (18+)   

Sunday 8th June – Arrow on Swanston, Melbourne VIC (AA)       

Wednesday 11th June – Zierholz, Canberra ACT (18+)   

Thursday 12th June – Small Ballroom, Newcastle NSW (18+)   

Friday 13th June – Bald Faced Stag, Sydney NSW (18+)   

Saturday 14th June – Bald Faced Stag, Sydney NSW (AA)

Sunday 15th June – The Tempo Hotel, Brisbane QLD (18+)

*Endless Heights not appearing
Tickets on sale April 11

In Hearts Wake – Earthwalker is out May 2 via UNFD.

The Offspring Celebrate 20th Anniversary of SMASH

20 years ago, The Offspring released their breakout album Smash on Epitaph Records and made history. To celebrate the band will begin playing the album in its entirety on tour in Europe this May, June and early July before finishing with soon to be announced US Smash dates. Visit for the full list of current tour dates and to see which dates are the designated Smash shows. This August, Epitaph will also commemorate the anniversary with a special 20th Anniversary Edition of Smash.

The Offspring’s Dexter Holland and Noodles, as well as Epitaph CEO Brett Gurewitz, recently shared their thoughts in a retrospective just posted to, read it here:


This package will be in stores in mid-August 2014 from Epitaph Records. The Smash 20th Anniversary Edition will include the following: – LP version containing the original 14 album tracks newly remastered on 180-gram vinyl – CD version containing the original 14 album tracks from the most recent remastering – Restyled album package artwork – Large format 24 page booklet featuring never before seen archive photos by Lisa Johnson – Firsthand recollections and quotes from the band and others telling the story of that historic time.

Smash has sold over six million copies in the United States alone – certified 6x platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, while selling over 600 thousand copies in Australia – certified 8x platinum by ARIA. Selling 11 million copies worldwide, Smash is the best-selling independent label album of all time. The Offspring’s album Smash was an impactful and immediate hit when released in 1994, making a place for the band in an exciting and significant time for alternative music. The album’s first single “Come Out and Play” hit number 1 on Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. The following single, “Self Esteem” peaked at number 4, and “Gotta Get Away” hit number 6 on the Billboard Modern Rock Track Charts.

Howard Jones Interview 2014

Words and Interview by Doug Terry

The band to watch in 2014, their ferocity and proficiency (as demonstrated at Soundwave) is made all the more remarkable by the fact that Howard, in his own words, “almost died… a couple of times. They got to know me really well at the hospital.” Howard Jones is a soft spoken, thoughtful and friendly guy – and also happens to be one of the most important figures in popularizing the metal genre over the last 10 years. How will such formative and frightful life experiences manifest themselves within DEVIL YOU KNOW as the man moves forward? I was lucky enough to sit down with him in Melbourne during the Soundwave tour in search for an answer to that question – and his responses will awe you.  “When  I woke up in the hospital… I couldn’t even remember my name”.  A terrifying scenario, especially when the last decade of your life has been spent forging an internationally acclaimed career as one of heavy metal’s most talented and recognized vocalists – but for Howard Jones, this was the situation in which he found himself – an underlying health condition that, exacerbated by years of rigorous touring, recording and performing, brought his career up front of Killswitch Engage to an end and in a cosmic twist of good fate, has brought him together with fellow musicians Ryan Wombacher on Bass (formerly of Bleeding Through), Francesco Artusato on guitars (formerly of All Shall Perish), Roy Lev-Ari on guitars and Aussie drum virtuoso John Sankey (formerly of Devolved, Divine Heresy & Fear Factory) to create  DEVIL YOU KNOW. Hear it all here.


Killswitch Engage Tour Starts This Week

Killswitch Engage and Kill Devil Hill arrive in Australia this week for what is sure to be a great tour. Check the ticketing agencies below for further information. To get you in the mood check out our interview below with Rex Brown of Kill Devil Hill earlier this year.

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE’S ‘Alive Or Just Breathing’ album was a watershed moment in metal in 2002 as it heralded the birth of ‘Metalcore’. Now, more than a decade later, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE have reunited with original singer Jesse Leach. “This change is very exciting,” the band said upon announcing Leach’s triumphant return. “We know you’re going to love it. This is truly a new era in KsE history and it is ready to shred your face off.”  However, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE have never coasted on the wave of prior successes and with the band in the form of their career and Leach spitting venomous vocals at every turn, “Disarm The Descent is an overdue return, a prodigal son story and their best album since The End Of Heartache.” – Kerrang!

KsE Gen Use

Most so-called “supergroups” wind up being less than the sum of their already-famous parts. KILL DEVIL HILL, featuring members from such illustrious groups as Black Sabbath, Dio, Pantera, Down and Ratt is a splendid exception to that rule.  A supergroup in the truest sense of the word, KILL DEVIL HILL created a masterpiece on its self-titled debut and have raised the bar on their new album ‘Revolution Rise’…”it is simply one ass-kicking hard rock outfit making heavy as fuck rock and roll music”. Metalholic






Carcass Announce Australian Tour

‘SURGICAL STEAL THE COMMONWEALTH’ AUSTRALIAN TOUR JUNE, 2014 CARCASS are back and back at what they do best!  CARCASS has risen to the occasion and given fans an album that holds up to their classic repertoire, delivering another milestone and is undoubtedly just what the doctor ordered! Everything a CARCASS fan could want is on this record, with every era of the band represented. These undeniable legends and forefathers of grind and melodic death metal have carefully placed Australian on the surgical table for June 2014. CARCASS is coming to carve you up, preparing to dissect each city in their pathologically explicit ways. We’ve been waiting to announce this tour and we know you’ve been waiting to hear it. Soundworks Touring anticipates these shows to sell out in a rabid frenzy, so be sure to secure your meatiest, heaviest & most important metal ticket in Australia this year.

CARCASS and local supports performing at:

June 12th – Perth, Capitol

June 13th – Brisbane, The Hifi

June 14th – Sydney, The Metro Theatre

June 15th – Melbourne, 170 Russell



Buried In Verona Interview

Words and Interview: Doug Terry

“Fame and success in 2014, doesn’t come without it’s share of detractors. For Brett Anderson and the boys in Buried in Verona, being trolled is an experience that they are all-too familiar with – which makes the hype around their 4th studio release Faceless all the more sweet, not least of all for the band. Joining a league of prominent Aussie metal acts working under We Are Unified, BIV are set for continued success; with a league of new fans being drawn in by the latest and most mature evolution in their sound. Bringing people over to the BIV camp is a mission that Brett Anderson takes very seriously. “We’ve had a lot of instances where someone will come up at a show and say, “I fuckin’ hated you guys, but then I watched you and I kind of got it” (03:39). Working under a cloud of negativity is an ugly reality of the world today particularly with regards to online, but as he says, “Hate as much as you want, it doesn’t really affect us and we’re just gonna keep doing what we’re doing – we always have” (03:49). It’s not all doom & gloom though – BIV are boys that know how to have fun and for those who have picked up the Faceless pre-order bundle packs, there may or may not be a Celine Dion bonus track included – according to Brett! (05:44). Be you a fan of Saturday Night Sever, Notorious or the latest effort Faceless (Released March 7th via UNFD), BIV are a band that insist on commanding your attention – and with raw, honest vocals, refined clean singing and an aggressively tight rhythm section helped in no small part by Conor Ward (drums) coupled with the sharp stop-and-start attack of Sean Gynn and Richie Newman (guitars), they’re a band who not only command your attention… they deserve it.”

Buried In Verona Rockersphere

Soundwave Brisbane 2014

As the reports start rolling in from all the Soundwave shows the first one we can show you is from Brisbane. It’s was evident early on that stages 4 and 4a would steal the show. Without a doubt one of the best opening 3 hours or so of a festival I have ever seen. Check out some of the pics below. Amon Amarth, Mushroomhead, Five Finger Death Punch, The Black Dahlia Murder and Testament kicked off the day with probably the best opening 3 hours you will see at any festival worldwide. Of particular note Mushroomhead and FFDP  proved that it does not matter what time slot, or set length you have. They proved this by owning their time slots and crushing those in attendance with just plain old brutal sets full of energy.  To those in MELBOURE, ADELAIDE and PERTH this is your warning. Get there early enough to watch this. You won’t regret it.

Five Finger Death Punch Brisbane

Fiver Finger Death Punch

Testament Soundwave Brisbane


We managed to catch some of the set from Scottish Rockers Biffy Clyro and they busted their ass as well proving why the are one of the biggest rock names in Europe today. Front man Simon Neil baking in the Australian heat. Working through their plethora of hits they made sure those gathered on the main stage were happy. It was plain for all to see why they are such favorites on the European circuit.

Biffy Clyro Brisbane Soundwave

Biffy Clyro

The Living End set was perfectly positioned as the early afternoon chill out session as they rocked their way through familiar classics. It was singalong heaven for most of the punters as these well oiled Australian rock legends gave a taste of the quality we have on our very own shores. Quickly we left the Living End set to descend back the madness that is GWAR. Complete with blood bath, Dicks, decapitated politicians and and more blood this is an experience that everyone should be a part. Bring a poncho ….or NOT and get doused with the madness and sheer beauty that is GWAR!!!!!

Gwar Soundwave Brisbane



As Gwar played on, we got to catch the mighty fine Norwegian Black Metallers Satyricon. Having interviewed Frost earlier in the week it was great to see these legends of Black Metal still doing what they do. Satyr still in his element at the helm with the custom driving sound that help define a generation of Black Metal bands.

Satyricon Soundwave Brisbane

As the afternoon started getting in it was time for a change of pace as we headed to catch Panic At The Disco as they rocked Stage 3. They are polished live and have a rather passionate fan base as my ear drums found out very early on in the set. If my ear drums copped a fan battering at Panic at the Disco it copped a further battering from fans on the main stage with A Day To Remember. This band never disappoints. From the opening bell they powered through a set that spanned their discography and it’s obvious why Soundwave invite them back. They play a kick ass show and considering some of their label issues over the last few years it’s great to see these guys back on the road doing what they do best. Jeremy up front is as good as ever and seems to be going to another level again with is energetic vocal delivery.

panic at the disco at soundwave brisbane

Panic at The Disco

ADTR Brisbane Soundwave

A Day To Remember

As evening began to descend, we managed to take in sets from Pennywise,  Alice in Chains, Suicide Silence, Down and of course the big 3 hour session from Green Day. Suicide Silence performed a special set that takes their journey to the next chapter. Moving on after the passing of their front man “Mitch Lucker” it was great to see them perform with new mic man Eddie Hermida. Of course it sounds different from a vocal perspective, but the brutality of the band at it’s core sounds as good as ever. A special set for those gathered in Brisbane as they paid tribute to the past and showed us what they have for the future. Greenday capped off a great day playing a massive 3 hour set that included some great covers from AC/DC and Queen.  The set included all the classics from Dookie, Nimrod and American Idiot. A nice touch with some great fan interaction and appearances so on all levels, Bravo SW 2014.  Melbourne, Ads and Perth. Get your shit together and get a ticket!!!


Suicide Silence Soundwave Brisbane 2014

Suicide Silence

Down Brisbane Soundwave 2014


Alice In Chains Soundwave Brisbane 2014

Alice In Chains

Green Day Brisbane 2014


Sidewaves 2014

This is the page for all the latest Sidewave news. We will try to keep this as up to date as possible. Check back for all the latest.

ill Nino + Skindred Sidewaves

Indisputable metal gods, ILL NIÑO  with their infused bilingual lyrics, harsh and melodic vocals, flamenco guitars, tribal drums and salsa inspired bass lines will take to the stage for 2 monster Sidewaves with the undefinable and kick ass SKINDRED.  In an industry of big egos and even bigger drama, it is seldom a metal band manages to stick together for over a decade, but that is exactly what ILL NIÑO has done. Bone-crushing melodies, versatile vocals, and intelligently spaced riffs have won over hundreds of thousands of metal fans worldwide.  For a little over 14 years, the men of ILL NIÑO have been creating unrivaled Latin-infused metal and they have only just begun.    Both longtime and new fans agree that ILL NIÑO have cemented themselves as major players in the metal scene, as they continue to grow individually as musicians.

“ For a Nu Metal band, ILL NIÑO are one of the few still bearing the style to damn near its fullest and doing it with enough unique spin of Latin rhythms and quick switching English to Spanish lyrical content to still keep them a fascinating venture.” – Metal Observer

Joining them on the stage for 2 monster nights will be the quintessentially British band, SKINDRED! SKINDRED is one of the few bands to have combined elements of punk, rock, metal, reggae and electronic music with such success. The bands brand new and recently release album ‘Kill The Power’ again see’s the band create something completely unique – two pretty differing axes on the music spectrum – reggae and punk!  “Kill The Power’ is an eccentric album that has influences from all over the musical spectrum mashed into one. The crazy sound is infectious and intriguing with all these influences working together for a greater purpose, creating an album that you most certainly won’t be able to stop playing once you start.” – Kill Your Stereo



Volbeat + Filter + Hacktivist Sidewave Announced

After being catapulted into the spotlight following an invitation to tour with Metallica in 2009, their fifth album has done nothing to stop the band’s ever-growing domination of the genre. VOLBEAT has been touring worldwide, taking inspiration from death, the dark arts and other terrifying and controversial experiences, and is finally bring its highly acclaimed live show to Aussie fans. Join the creators behind Denmark’s #1 rock album on a journey through mysterious and sinister territories on Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies. Rich stories laden with fictional characters such as outlaws and erotic dancers interweave between the tracks of VOLBEAT’S latest offering, all the while encompassing their signature rebellious spirit of metal, rockabilly and country and western.  “It’s a fantastic blend of thrashing guitars, mournful freight-train harmonicas and Ennio Morricone moments that wouldn’t have been out of place in a 1960s Clint Eastwood spaghetti western.” – Metal Underground

Shoving a fist in the face of tradition has been FILTER’S modus operandi since the release of their self-produced debut album, Short Bus. Richard Patrick, FILTER’S magnetic, profoundly intelligent nucleus and frontman jubilantly admits that his creative process is unorthodox, whether he’s staring down and conquering new technology or coalescing with new bandmate and co-conspirator Jonny Radtke on Filter’s current release, The Sun Comes Out Tonight.    “Without a doubt this is a new masterpiece for Filter and die-hard fans will not be disappointed.  Everything you ever wanted from a Filter album is right here” – Cryptic Rock

“To progress, risk comes before reward, and convention must give way to invention.” This motto, by which outspoken 5-piece band HACKTIVIST makes music, has become a self-fulfilling prophecy as the world bares witness to a new path in music being carved. The evolution into a new age has become undeniably apparent, as this British band combines devastatingly huge beats with intelligent, insightful lyrics, covering politically driven messages from gun-control to anarchism. Forever pushing the boundaries, HACKTIVIST’S live shows offer everything from soul-crushingly dark bass to other worldly ambient walls of sound. Combining rock, nu-metal, grime and hip hop, this perfect recipe has fans hooked and hungry for more.



Terror + Letlive + Your Demise Sidewave Announced

Prepare to go ape-shit as three banging, heavy hitting and all together powerful bands collide for Sidewave shows guaranteed to get you in the pit!  Ten years, nonstop relentless worldwide touring and five albums under their belt, TERROR are heading to Brisbane and Perth so be prepared to be pulverized. ‘Live By The Code’, the band’s latest album and their most loved Vogel claims is the “dirtiest, rawest and most hardcore record we’ve done since Lowest Of The Low ..” The band’s in your face attitude has built them the well – earned reputation as one of the most respected and prominent bands in the hardcore scene. The raw aggression of this band will leave Australian fans reeling.

It’s been awhile since music has had a rebellious voice. Not since Rage Against the Machine put their fist in the air, in the land of hypocrisy has there been such an unmitigated combustion of sonic ferocity fueled by relentless passion and intrepid ideology. At least not until LETLIVE. came along… LA’s post hardcore, volatile four-piece rock band fanned the flames of discontent with their critically praised record, The Blackest Beautiful on release with MusicFeeds claiming

“The Blackest Beautiful is a leap closer to solidifying the truly unique brand of post-hardcore that the boys deliver, and they’re screaming it loud and clear. “

Following the announcement  last year that YOUR DEMISE  have decided to call it a day, Australian fans are in for a massive night as this will be last ever opportunity to see the high tempo, aggressive and awesome power of YOUR DEMISE  live! This gig is not one for the faint hearted. “Your Demise have changed much in the last 3 years, but at least two things remain; their ability to write shit-hot anthems and being able to deliver them onstage without losing a single ounce of the conviction that has helped shape their sound. –




A Day to Remember + The Ghost Inside + I Killed The Prom Queen Sidewave Announced

Metalcore fans beware: the following lineup may cause dizziness, dilated pupils and increased heart rate as A DAY TO REMEMBER, THE GHOST INSIDE and I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN announce Sidewave shows.  Florida’s pop-mosh lords, A DAY TO REMEMBER are back and they will be bringing their crushing live show to Sidewaves in Sydney and Melbourne.  With 5 albums under their belt, each one further cementing the band’s reign as true leaders of the genre, ADTR effortlessly blend pop-punk riffs and earth-shattering heavy breakdowns. Their new studio album (released in Australia by 3Wise)

“Common Courtesy is not the end of this band. If anything, it’s their new beginning. ” – Rock Sound

“If you put everything you’ve got into something, it’s going to pay off,” says vocalist and co-founding member of THE GHOST INSIDE, Jonathan Vigil. And that’s the mantra for this Californian band’s killer live shows. However it’s not just the live arena where these guys excel as their latest album ‘Get What You Give’ proves they are one of hardcore’s brightest lights.  “This record sounds absolutely massive…saying this album is electrifying would be a massive understatement. – Absolute Punk

Finally, prepare for a re-launch of epic proportions, because I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN are back again with even more blood-curdling growls, tempo tantrums and thrashy, catchy riffs. After a few beak-ups, hiatuses, and members moonlighting in other bands, the band’s third release in its 13-year history, ‘Beloved’ , will finally be unleashed on fans this Friday Feb 14! With a show that’s sure to open up the circle pit from hell, IKTPQ are still staying true to what they’ve always done best – monstrous riffing, jackhammer drumming, roaring vocals and melodic overtures. “We’ve really extended ourselves,” says guitarist Jona Weinhofen, “But we’ve done it in a way where it’s tasteful and it makes sense with the music. It still sounds very much like Prom Queen.”





GWAR + Amon Amarth + Satyricon + The Black Dahlia Murder  Sidewave Announced

Combining the most ferocious talents from every corner of the globe, Soundwave Touring is delighted to reveal two Sidewaves for GWAR, AMON AMARTH, SATYRICON and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER.

GWAR fans are prepared for anything when it comes to the gods of gore, but their minds may be melted by the incredibly intimate club shows Virginia’s thrash metal heroes are going to mutilate in classic GWAR fashion. Last year’s release Battle Maximus was widely hailed as the band’s gnarliest album yet, showing no signs that these ghouls are ready to end their ongoing reign of carnage. “If anyone is gonna destroy the human race, it’s gonna be us”, Oderus warns of the most monstrous chapter in GWAR’s blood-soaked history yet.

Hailing from Tumba, Sweden, AMON AMARTH are the ultimate in warrior death metal. Documenting epic, fantastical battles of Norse mythology set to their unique and truly technically proficient brand of metal, AMON AMARTH’s Australian fanbase is, understandably, nothing short of obsessive. Their stunning ninth studio album Deceiver OfTthe Gods is guaranteed to translate into a totally intoxicating adventure on stage.

Embodying everything we southerners hold dear about Norwegian black metal, SATYRICON were recently praised by Metal Hammer for consistently challenging the borders of their genre. Lead by their valiant leaders Satyr and Frost, the Oslo-based band released their eighth studio album late last year to dizzying critical acclaim; “Satyricon justifies why this band will always be counted in the elite of today’s black metal bands”- SF Media.

When you release songs like Phantom Limb Masturbation and Raped In Hatred by Vines Of Thorn, you’re committing to a brutal live performance. Thankfully THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER boys know how to deliver. Unflinching in the face of lineup changes, the Michigan six-piece will unleash deathcore drudgery laced in melodic Gothenburg metal with immaculate precision.

Gather your legions, ready your swords, summon your might and advance upon these shows post haste. Tickets will not last long.